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Smart Privacy

PDLC Smart Switchable Film is perfect if you need the transparent windows to switch to be opaque, it’s just a click of a button away. So you can stay free at your smart home without curious eyes seeing what you are doing. Smart tint egypt is the smart way for better privacy

Switchable Glass Smart Film PDLC

However, Privacy does not mean darkness!

PDLC Smart Switchable Film offers a fantastic way in offering total privacy without totally blocking outside sunlight

While Smart Film is for sure a privacy solution, it does not mean that privacy equals darkness – in many privacy applications, privacy is required whereas a total blackout is not. Environments that require such a solution often look to things such as blinds, which can in many cases offer adjustable light levels but .... 

PDLC Switchable Glass Smart Film

High Productivity

For an office, this exposure to natural light could be of incredible importance to the mood of the occupants. However, it is not just the mood of occupants that we should be focusing on. Business leaders already take note of the benefits of natural light to productivity in a business setting however this can be easily foregone in exchange for privacy. With Smart Glass Film, this issue is rendered solved by offering not only the best of both worlds when switched off, but also a switchable level of privacy, as the smart tint can be switched to clear at any moment to bathe employees in the maximum benefits of daylight that clear Switchable Smart Film has to offer.


Protect your valuable belongs

When you think of UV sunlight protection, the skin comes to mind. But your furniture suffers there same fate as your skin if you don’t take caution. Continuous exposure to UV ages and fades your expensive furniture, including carpets.


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Switchable Glass Film in a Clinic

Smart glass with PDLC smart film technology is a perfect solution in clinics and hospitals. Changing the condition of the window frame where there is control over patients to seal where privacy is obtained. Smart film is anti-bacterial, does not require regular maintenance, unlike curtains which are a substrate for viruses and bacteria.


Smart Control

You can brilliantly control your smart glass film by different smart ways, such as

  • Remote Control

  • Smart Switch

  • Voice Control (Alexa and Google Assistant)

  • Mobile phone

You can automatically switch on and switch off the smart film based on the climate condition, daylight, sunny and so more


PDLC Smart Film Technology

PDLC smart tint is the abbreviation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals film which is basically three-dimensional structures composed by liquid crystal microdrops dispersed in a polymer matrix. Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films are useful in light control applications because they can be switched electrically between light scattering and transparent states.

Flexible PET film with conductive material coated by high–tech ITO film, the percentage of conductive material and PET film quality is key factor make PDLC film of good quality outstanding with high transmittance, resistance to high voltage shocks. The liquid crystal is sandwiched between the 2 ITO film by lamination machine, this is how the PDLC film is made.


How PDLC Technology Works?

With current switch, the PDLC smart film is vaporous due to the disordered arrangement of liquid crystal molecules after turning off the power. On the contrary, when the power has opened, neatly organized molecules will make smart film present transparency.

Product description:

65V High Transparent Switchable PDLC Film


Operational Mode:

  • Power On: Transparent

  • Power Off:  Opaque



  1. UV Block: On / Off model >99%

  2. Infrared Block: On Mode > 17% - Off Mode > 80%

  3. Dimmer Function: Yes

  4. Projection screen: Yes

Life Time: More than 100000h (~20years)

Warranty: Two Years



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