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We provide you the state of the art of Smart Home technology that enable you to monitor and control your smart home devices such as front smart door lock, smart lighting, smart security camera system, smart universal IR remote control for TVs and air conditions, smart curtains or smart shutters switches, smart led and bulb for entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include smart house security such as smart access control and automated alarm systems.

A smart home technology typically connects controlled smart devices either directly to the wifi network or through a central smart home gateway such as zigbee smart hub, or with KNX system. The user interface for control of the system uses either mobile-App, voice assistant, wall-mounted smart panels, and tablets. The mobile application, or a Web interface that may also be accessible off-site through the Internet wherever you are.

Let your smart house make your life even more easier, smarter and save money. Build your home security and family safety by configure and schedule your smart home automation connected devices such as video doorbell, and smart door lock to monitor, open or close the front door remotely as well as get notified with any access event. Moreover, the controlled devices such as thermostats and switches to adjust your own scenario 'Wake-Up Mode' or 'Away From Home Mode' automatically and according to your schedule.


In addition, with the smart security camera systems, smart lock, smart sensors such as motion sensor, door window sensor, smoke alarm, gas sensor, and water leakage sensor, so you can receive real time notifications on the mobile device app to alert you if any potential dangers or property damage happened, all with just a click or voice command to arm the smart house security camera system. Moreover, check on your smart home from anywhere using the mobile app, adjust the temperature, camera's view, Air conditions control, curtain closure, lighting density and colours, energy efficiency, and much more

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