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Warranty Policy

Teknetic Ltd. (here after, “Teknetic”) provides Limited Warranty for the Products

During this warranty period if the product is found defective in materials and/or workmanship and not in conformity with the stipulated specifications of the product, Teknetic Service Center will repair or completely replace the products on terms and conditions below:

  1. Teknetic offers ONE YEAR warranty for wireless products/systems and THREE YEARS warranty for wired KNX systems from the date of Invoice of the product.

  2. Extended warranty is available with extra-charge (Optional)

  3. This Warranty in non-transferable and shall be valid for service only in Egypt.

  4. Warranty is not valid if product is found physically damaged, affected by some external factors beyond control of teknetic or some part found missing/broken.

  5. Warranty is not valid for consumable items like batteries.

  6. Warranty is not valid for keys lost/broken.

  7. Warranty will be void if the type or serial number marked on the product has been altered, removed or in any manner defaced.

  8. Warranty is not valid in case of fire due to installation in dusty, high humidity, water entering, oxidized environments by chemicals

  9. Warranty is not valid in case it is not the fault of the manufacturer: natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, natural damage, insects, animals, due to external impact.

  10. This Warranty shall not cover damage/s pursuant to un-authorized adaptations made contrary to stipulated specifications for the product and/or adjustments to the product carried out at & by unauthorized service providers.

  11. This Warranty does not cover any external accessories mentioned in the operating instruction manual supplied with this product or any cosmetic parts.


In the event of finding of a defect in material/s, and/or workmanship or finding of non-conformity to meet the stipulated specification/s in the product during the extended period, Teknetic shall, at its sole discretion, either repair the product free of any charge or replace it with a product of having comparable specifications and features,


In case of repair or replacement, Teknetic shall have ownership right to the defective part replaced or the defective product as the case may be. Teknetic may use new and/or reconditioned parts to carry out repairs under warranty.


The warranty period shall not be extended in the event of repairs undertaken or replacement made.

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