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Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Nowadays, everyone needs their devices to be smart in their homes but nobody wants lots of different apps on their smartphone to control all the products, nor buy different gateways, bridges and hubs. Besides, the manufacturer companies need their devices to be smart but particularly the small brands don’t have enough resources to create and manage their own systems and apps to support the smart products.

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This is where Tuya comes in. Tuya is an IoT services platform smartphone app that the manufacturer of smart products can use to support their devices. With Tuya app, companies make their products smart and users can have various products from different brands into a single platform. Tuya app supports switches, lights, cameras, sensors, security cameras, smart humidifiers, ceiling fans, and much more. For instance, two smart light bulbs from different companies that Tuya Smart supports act similarly within the app.

Tuya offers a complete app that provides various unique features including free, easy to control, immediate use, useful functions, diversified scenarios, and world readiness.

Main Features of Tuya

Tuya Smart app has the slogan “Smart Life, Smart Living.” The key feature of Tuya is to manage the smart home devices remotely. You can add and regulate different smart products in this simple app with just some simple clicks.

Here are the features of Tuya:

  • Control home appliances and devices remotely

  • Voice control through Amazon Echo and Google Home

  • Add and manage multiple devices with a single app

  • Share products easily with other family members

  • Quickly and easily connect the Tuya app to your smart devices

  • Get real-time alerts to ascertain safety

What makes Tuya Smart the best smart home app?

Here are some of the unique and intelligent features and functions of Tuya that make it the best smart home app.

Smart device management

With the Tuya Smart app, adding and managing new smart home appliances is super easy. The app can either automatically search the devices or you can manually add the device following the instructions provided by the app. The auto-scan feature is of great use if you have multiple smart devices at home as it can find every single intelligent device you turn on.

When the devices are connected to the app over WiFi, you can find them on the home screen of the app. Then you can use the app to switch on and off the devices, manage other parameters of the device and also perform tuning of each product. For instance, if you add the RGB smart light into the app, you can access the controls quickly from the home screen. It will allow you to change the brightness, colour, and temperature of the light as well as turning it on or off.

Device organization

When you connect a device to the Tuya app, you can ascribe each device to a separate room in your house. For example, if you have many smart thermostats in various rooms and assigning each one to a room within the application, you can use voice commands to communicate to your assistant which device you are talking about. It is quite useful for light bulbs and smart speakers.

Automation scenarios and rules

With the automation feature, you can take things a step further. For instance, the automation of various tasks that that application performs before you reach home from work. The app tracks your location through your smartphone and it will access you when you entered a 1 km radius of your home. When you do, the automation rules steps in, and things begin to happen such as light and air condition turning on and regulating the ideal temperature, and more.

User Management

It also enables your family members to use the app making the whole household in control of your smart products. The individual who sets up the Tuya Smart application acts as an administrator and can give separate app features to different family members. It also lets you create a “Guest” profile that you can provide to anyone that visits you for some days.

Multiple homes management

Another great advantage of Tuya Smart is that it enables you to manage multiple homes using a single user account. You just have to add a new home to the application, define rooms, add products and here you go.

This feature is very useful if you have a second home or apartment. It is great for people having a private office or running a renting business. It also enables you to check up on their elderly parents and assist them with jobs smart products can do.

Device Compatibility

To use the smart home appliances with the Tuya Smart app, you will have to get the Tuya compatible devices. Before buying check the device compatibility with the system then install the app and optimize it with your home system. Tuya Smart is compatible with lots of OEMs and it will not be an issue for you. Tuya also supports voice control through Google Home and Amazon Echo meaning that regulating the smart appliances at your home doesn’t require physical handling of the smartphone app at all.

Advantages of Tuya

  • It is free for users to download and use

  • You can manage multiple products with a single app

  • It supports many manufacturer brands of smart home products

  • You can manage your smart home products remotely from anywhere across the world

  • It operates with WiFi and doesn’t require a gateway for many products

  • It blends well with your smart home system

  • Tuya smart app can be connected with third-party programs like Google Home and Amazon Alexa

  • It is compatible with various devices including smart lights, electrical outlets, and many more.

Teknetic provides comprehensive smart home solutions, through just one smart mobile app "Tuya", you can secure, monitor, and control your entire smart house, making plenty of scenes for more comfort, Luxury, and elegant themes such as movie night, romantic dining, party scene and much more. Talk to our experts now and book your free at home consultation to know how to transform your home into the desired future one


Tuya Smart is a great way small companies can use to make their devices smart. It means that users don’t have to spend money on app development and production companies will be quick to introduce intelligent devices that communicate via a standard protocol. Tuya Smart app supports products like air conditioners, electrical switches, light bulbs, and many more. While purchasing a smart product, ensure that you check the Tuya Smart compatibility tag on the product packaging.

Learn more about Tuya in our guide


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