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Smart Home Package
Standard B

Perfect package for a smart home area up to 250 mtsq

  1. Our smart home automation solution are all under 'TUYA' platform, so with just one mobile app, you can connect, control, and monitor the entire smart home devices and appliances.

  2. Our smart home solutions are 100% wireless, so no need for any preparation prior installation.

  3. Our home automation solution is flexible, and scalable, so you can add more smart devices in the future under the same mobile app.

  4. The entire package scope can be installed, configured, and connected within a business day. (Installation is included)

  5. One year warranty on our best-in-class products and the installation services, with two troubleshooting visits in case of support, reconfiguration, or creation new scenarios at home.

  6. Our smart solutions are 100% secured against any cyber attacks

  7. The standard B package has free shipping cost


Family Safety

Smart Curtain

Home Security

Energy Saving

Access Control


Smart Lighting

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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